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DLV Apartment

The apartment is located in an 80s block of residencies. The initial problems keep to other similar dwellings: uninsulated balcony which had become part of the living-room, nonfunctional partitioning and careless finishing. The concept consisted of remedying the special places in the space and the insulation problems with a single gesture. As a result, a set of furniture frames were created in the balconies – the frames became a complex storage area integrating a reading spot and PC-working area. On one of the living-room walls a smart wall was designed, incorporating the TV, the media center and the loudspeakers – all in one single object. The yuppie owner leads an idiosyncratic lifestyle, so there was no need for a permanent dining area or a generous kitchen; therefore, a built-in folded table was used. Simple colors were added, as all furniture pieces and most of the walls are white, with the exception of the kitchen walls - which use color to visually set themselves apart from the living-room – and the wall on the left of the living-room – which has a blackboard-paint finish. The living-room therefore becomes versatile and allows more freedom of space.

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